The Rübezahl Hiding Behind Great Lakes Escape Game

In 2016, a German mountain lord named Rübezahl leaves his under-world kingdom to explore the surface. Rübezahl is a notorious prankster who travels the world, delighting in tricks that give his victims the results they deserve. For some, the tricks are simple mischief. But for those who Rübezahl finds less deserving, the pranks can be malicious.

By far, his favorite prank is giving bad directions to travelers. A chance encounter with one of those travelers leads Rübezahl to Frankenmuth’s Little Bavaria. He is pleased. English words mingled with German phrases sound enchanting. German beer tastes best, but Rübezahl delights in discovering worthy brews from all over the world.

He finds Frankenmuth so delightful that he instructs his gnomes to build a small, magical lair here so he can visit the shops and homes so much like those on the rugged Boehmian mountains where he dwells. He models his lair here on his underworld dominion where hosts of gnomes tend endless chambers filled with colorful gems and precious metals.

Summon Your Courage

From outside, Great Lakes Escape Game looks innocent. Inside, though, the chambers hold no jewels. Instead, they contain portals to the past. After luring visitors inside with the promise of lighthearted adventure, Rübezahl’s gnomes gleefully lock them into the chambers. Inside the portals, guests rely on their wits and each other to escape and prove themselves worthy of living in the same world as Lord Rübezahl.

The reward for being clever enough to decipher the clues is freedom. Those who falter or hesitate too long inside the portals become trapped. The trapped souls escape only when another traveler solves the puzzles and opens the portal.

Here’s what those who have escaped tell us about Rübezahl’s magical games. Just don’t let on you had a forewarning of his schemes. Who knows what he’ll do if he thinks you’re trying to turn the tables and trick him?

Are you brave enough to accept Rübezahl’s challenge and prove your worth? Step inside now and find out.